Yes, yes, I know what you're thinking: what a waste of money! And you're partially right; I've had five sessions so far for my osteoarthritis and can't say that it's any easier if I'm honest, but that may well be because nothing can be done to actually cure it, you can only relieve the pain temporarily and that's what it's done. On the day I have the needles, and for a day or two afterwards, I'm pretty much pain free, but then of course it comes back because the main cause is still there - my weight. Oh, yes, that same old chestnut, in fact such a chestnut that I don't even want to go there - I am tired, really, really tired.

However, the acupuncturist has helped me in as much as he's recommended 1) Holy Basil, to help me sleep. It lowers cortisol levels and seems to work when combined with a drink of warm milk before bed, and 2) Collagen in powder form, which is disgusting, but seems to have helped my nails and hair, and even my skin. He has also recommended hypnotherapy for my weight problems...I know, you're grimacing again, yet another waste of money, but hey, I'm desperate and when you're desperate you'll try anything. The fact is, it's no longer a question of esthetics now, if I can't get a grip on this I'm going to end up crippled, so what are credit cards for, right?